Wednesday, March 5, 2014

John Deere class

Yesterday I had class at the local John Deere dealer. They provide classes for free on the latest technology, but also throw in a few videos about products they hope you can't live without. ;-)  I do not attend these classes because I don't already know how to do my job. I attend because the technology is always changing! I am the person on the farm that makes sure all the GPS units, the monitors, and the software is up to date. I also collect all the data from the tractors and combines and print reports for my boss. Every year the data is put to more important uses.

I attended three classes and didn't learn a lot that was new, but they answered a few of my questions and I did learn a few helpful tidbits. I downloaded the latest updates and now it is time to program the cards for the spring field work. The tractors are still hibernating for the winter in a shop, but I will be ready when they come out.

While farming is easier than it has ever been, if you don't keep up with the technology you are going to be lost. I skipped one class last year and learned that the hard way!

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