Thursday, November 6, 2014

I believed the anti factory farm and anti-GMO popular opinion

I have a confession to make. I used to believe the anti-factory farm, anti-gmo, popular opinion. We should all eat local, organic, and all natural. Big business doesn't care and subsequently the really big farms are in it just for the money. I can understand as a society why we all believe this. We are isolated and disconnected from each other. Every day we get messages we are alone in this big mass of humanity.  Politicians are obviously out for power and money, and banks helped create this economic mess we are all struggling through. Even rush hour traffic gives us another example of how everyone cares for themselves and won't even let you merge. We feel we have to defend ourselves from this uncaring world. As parents, food quickly becomes our priority. We are trying to do the best for our families. So when information about antibiotics in our meat and pesticides on our produce is the hot topic, we become fearful and protective. We have to protect our family and our children because no one else will.

So how did my opinion change? How did I become an agvocate? It was actually because of an anti-milk meme I seen on Facebook. The one that claims pus is in milk we buy at the store. How shocking and disgusting! Then I had the small thought, is that really true. So I did a search, and came across a Facebook dairy page that disputed that claim clearly, concisely, and with evidence. I was impressed. I started to follow that page and several other farming pages. When some ridiculous meme crossed my page, I started to research its validity rather than have the knee jerk reaction of instant belief and shock. I found out something amazing. Farmers care! Really! They are just like me. They care about their families. They care about their land. They care about their animals. I also discovered that size doesn't matter. Whether they have a few acres and a few animals or would be considered factory farms, they provide the best care possible. I finally figured out that farmers don't sacrifice all their time and energy just for money. I don't believe anyone could work in the conditions farmers and ranchers do everyday, unless they loved it!

I want to thank all the farmers for their work and all the agvocates for showing me they care. In this world, it means a lot to find out I am not the only one that cares.

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  1. I'm glad you took the time to do more research and I'm even happier that you're joining the conversation!